Thursday, September 20, 2012

It's Harvest Time

It's National Harvest Festival Time at Silver Dollar City from September 13th - October 27th!!  Fall is getting closer here in the Ozarks with cooler temperatures and bright beautiful colors...can't wait!!  This weekend it is suppose to be in the 70's, so a great time to come to Branson and enjoy the shopping, hiking and Silver Dollar City.  It's time to make some great memories here in Branson, with lots to do.

I'm reminded with the church groups staying with us right now at Rosebud, that it's a great location for your Sunday School class to plan a few nights away!!  Great time to get to know those you spend a couple hours with every week.  Give us a call for group rates.  We sell tickets to shows and to Silver Dollar City, where you can purchase a 2 Day Silver Dollar City pass for the price of a single day admission.  Call today!!

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  1. I can not be the only one here who absolutely loves fall! Everything around gets so much prettier and the weather is just too good, not too hot not too cold.